a dollar every time we have sex

My friend, I’m always surprised how well I manage money. I mean, I never was one for impulse spending. But recently I got this idea in my head that every time I have sex, I should pay myself a dollar. Sounds crazy, right? Well, not really.

When I thought it through, my logic was sound. See, vibrators sex is one of life’s great treats and I figured it would be like paying for a gourmet meal. A dollar for sex toys a night of magical bliss? Presented the right way, it seemed like a bargain!

Y’know, I’m not even sure when it all started. I think it was one day when I was in a really sultry mood and I caught myself thinking “What could I do tonight that would be really fun and worth a dollar?” You can guess the conclusion that I drew!

I admit, I was a bit hesitant at first. Who pays themselves a dollar for sex? But then I weighed it up against the alternative. Paying someone else for sex? No way! Even if I had loads of cash, there’s no way I would risk the emotional and physical consequences.

So I just went for it. After all, why not? A dollar is a small price to pay for a journey that is as delightful as it is enjoyable. And it’s completely in my control. The total cost doesn’t change, no matter how badly I mess up. That might sound crass, but it gave me confidence.

One of the best things about this unconventional budgeting system is that it changed my attitude about sex. Really, I’m glad I moved away from this whole “guilt and sin” thing that loads of people still hold onto. Screw those “rules.” Everyone is unique and should have the freedom to define their own pleasure without judgment.

My sexual exploration also taught me invaluable lessons in self-care. I discovered a ton of new ways to push my pleasure boundaries and find out what really made me tick. I even tried out a few kinky fetishes – okay, maybe more than a few. But every experience showed me something new.

My confidence grew exponentially, and I stopped being so worried about what others might think – including my partner. Sex should be intimate and passionate, not just a performance. Now, I don’t even question my decisions anymore. I understand how far I should go and where, and when I’m in over my head, I know when to back off.

Who would’ve thought that putting a price on my pleasure could make me realize so much about myself? I can feel grateful for my experiences and that no matter how risqué they are, they are still part of me, and ultimately part of my self-realization.

Now I know instantly when I’m about to do something wrong or dangerous, and I pay myself a dollar to keep me on track – just a reminder not to lose sight of what I truly value.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you ever pay yourself a dollar for sex?