airi timekawa doll sex

It was an exciting time when the long-anticipated Airi Timekawa Doll Sex Collection finally hit the shelves. I mean, this was going to be the hottest new trend in doll merchandise since Cabbage Patch Kids! I couldn’t wait to take home my new doll and dress her up for the evening.

My new doll was the perfect size, had a smooth, pretty plastic face and smelled like sweet perfume. She was a beautiful brunette with piercing blue eyes and pouty lips. Her silky, long hair was down to her waist and she had several accessories to change her look.

I couldn’t believe how realistic my new doll was. She felt so lifelike in my hands – like I was handling a real person. Her expression was so natural and her movements were incredibly realistic. She could blush and shake her head, blink, and even use expressions.

I had so much fun dressing my new doll sex dolls doll for the evening. I lined up my yellow scarf with her red dress and picked accessories to complete the look. She was so photogenic! We spent the entire evening taking pictures together, and I couldn’t stop smiling for the camera.

The next day, I took my doll sex doll out to the public for the first time. Even though she looked absolutely gorgeous, I had been feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole situation. My friends were clearly surprised to see my new purchase, vibrators and I could feel their judgmental eyes on me.

However, after a few minutes of conversation, people began to forget their initial impressions and started showing an interest in my sex doll. They began taking pictures with her, showing her off among them and finally, accepting her as if she were an ordinary person.

This was a great example of how open-minded people can be when presented with something different. I’m glad that I was brave enough to try something new and show it off to the world. I was inspired by the way they accepted my new doll and I was so proud of her!Sex Dolls That Talk Back - The New York Times