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      Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Beginners

      Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Beginners

      If you've never used a sex toy before, the sheer number of options available to you can be really intimidating. Maybe you've walked into a sex shop and been totally overwhelmed by all the merchandise. Or you may have seen giant dildos in R-rated movies or while watching porn. Those probably aren't the best thing to start off with, in case you were wondering. To help you choose the right products, I've compiled a list of seven sex toys for beginners.

      But first, a heads up, before purchasing any sex toy you will also need to buy some lubricant. There are huge selections - plain, flavored, tingly, self-heating and even massage oil hybrids. Lubricant will ensure that when you use any of the following toys, you won't be uncomfortable - and it can obviously add an extra element of pleasure for both yourself and your partner. But be sure you use the right lubricant as some 

      You will also need to invest in a cleaning product for your toys, and the kind you use varies on the material of your toy. There are wipes available which are quick and easy, and work on materials such as silicone, plastic and glass, as well as other materials such as rubber, vinyl, any real-feel toy, leather, or nylon will need a deeper clean with a cleaning solution and some water.

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