can i penis pump strech ypur pienos

I first heard about penis pumps when a buddy of mine was telling me how it could make his penis bigger.​ To be honest, I couldn’t believe there was something like that.​ I mean, I could finally gain confidence in my pants? This was more than I could have asked for, and I started to research can I penis pump stretch my penis more.​

Turns out there were mixed reviews about this one.​ Some experts said that it does indeed give the user better size and length, while others said it is a waste of time and money.​ To be honest, I was sceptical, so I asked a different group of people – the ones who had actually tried it.​

Their answers surprised me.​ They said it does give good results, in terms of length and thickness, dildos but not necessarily width.​ However, they also said that the assembly needs to be done correctly, or it won’t be able to deliver results.​ Also, one question remained: how much will it hurt?

The reviews I read stated that the stretching doesn’t hurt much, if done correctly.​ The pain factor will be within the range of 1-3/10.​ So if you can handle mild pain, then I can assure you that this pump is totally worth it.​

Now if you go any higher with the pressure of the pump, it will be painful and dildos more of a risk than a benefit.​ Buying a good quality pump is essential if you want it to work.​ If you have received inferior quality, review it and get back to the company.​

You also need to practise caution when using a penis pump.​ The clamp portion that’s pushed against the shaft should not be too tight or too loose.​ It should not impede the blood flow, or else it won’t work as it should.​ And lastly, you can introduce lubricant for smoother motion and better results.​

Furthermore, it is worth noting that you won’t get width with this device, only length and girth.​ If you’re okay with that, then this is a great way to get your penis bigger.​ On the other hand, if you are looking for width too, then I’d say save your money and invest it elsewhere.​

Now continuing with the topic, the process is quite simple.​ After washing your penis, you place your penis inside the cylinder, lubricate it with cream or water and start the pump.​ The pressure should gradually increase and you should stop when you feel comfortable.​ Afterwards, just take a break and reduce the pressure with a few minutes of reverse pumping.​

You can repeat this process 4-5 times a day, for effective results.​ You can also add some weight once you feel comfortable, to add more length and girth.​ The process, would take some time, but will produce amazing results if done correctly.​

You can also alter the process a bit to suit your own unique physique.​ You can use different sizes of vacuum cylinders or various types of weights.​ Eventually, this can lead to further gains in undersized penis without any discomfort.​

After looking into the topic more, I am now convinced that penis pumping can truly give you better size and length.​ However, it is important to use it correctly or else it can lead to an unpleasant and even painful experience.​ So before you buy a pump, read all the reviews and warnings, and then dive into it.​