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I can’t believe it, can you? Of all the ridiculous theories out there, this one is one of the more absurd: Have sex toys killed anyone? What a waste of time and energy! And yet, I find myself intrigued by the notion. It’s like the old rumor, of that one kid who died because his pacifier was contaminated with black widows. Except, this time, it’s grown adults and sex toys!

Having had my fair share of naughty encounters, I’d like to think I’m somewhat informed on the matter. After extensive research, I am happy to report that yes, vibrators sex toys have been involved in the deaths of people, although not directly. To put it bluntly; it’s the way you use them that can be detrimental.

Now, don’t go running for the hills, as I’m sure some of you – my more adventurous readers- will be quick to try and blame the toy itself. That’s not always the case. Granted, using a wrong-sized device or toy can result in injury, and in some cases even death. But the deed isn’t done by the toy itself, but by the user. It’s the same concept as when you’re using a kitchen knife or a chainsaw- you must make sure you use the right size, and use it carefully and safely!

It might sound terrifying, but proper education is of utmost importance. People have to learn to recognize the risks and use their toys accordingly. For dildos instance, sex toy cleaning has to be done regularly, as well as proper storage. Those who have fallen victim to the misuse of sex toys generally have to grapple with some kind of infection or bacteria. And this is where things can really go wrong. We must remain vigilant and protect ourselves.

Of course, prevention is key. Make sure you don’t get any device or toy from an unreliable source. Always inspect the toy’s material as well as its design. If something looks off, or too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut and pass on the offer!

It’s all about being safe and smart. A little dose of common sense goes a long way. Let’s all work together to make sure we stay injury and death free when it comes to our more intimate affairs!