how do you clean sex dolls

I know a lot of people now are getting sex dolls and I’m sure at some point, those dolls may need a cleaning. Cleaning your sex doll isn’t as intimidating as you may think. Although, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first if you don’t know how to do it. That’s why I wanted to give you the low-down on how to keep your doll looking and feeling as good as new.

To start, clean your doll as often as you need, depending on the amount of use you give her. If you’re using her every single day, it’s probably best to clean her once a week, especially if you’re switching between partners. After all, the last thing you want is to be passing a nasty infection to your doll or to your partners.

Obviously, the first step in cleaning your sex doll is to get her undressed and take off her wig. However, before you take off her clothes, it’s best to give her body a once-over with a damp cloth. This will take care of any mess that may have been left behind from your play time. Once your doll is cleaned up, you can take off her clothes and give them a gentle wash with mild detergent.

Next, you should always use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean the crevices of your sex doll and the more sensitive areas, like her genitals and anus. Use a soft cloth to clean her up and make sure that you rinse carefully in order to get rid of any residue. Use your hands to get a good lather going, and be extra careful not to push too hard since her skin is delicate.

Now, it’s time to dry her off. Always air-dry your doll as much as you can, and use a towel if needed to help with the process. Finally, when she’s good and dry, add a bit of powder or talcum to her skin. This will keep her skin supple and free from chafing and irritation.

Once the cleaning process is over and your doll is dust free, you can dress her up and put her wig back on. Now that you’ve successfully given your sex doll a good, Penis Rings thorough cleaning, she’s ready for her next session with you or your visitors.

Now, just like us humans, sex dolls need a regular maintenance to recharge their batteries. So, you should make sure to charge your doll at least once a week in order to keep her internal functions running properly. It will also keep her in top shape for those long nights in bed with you.

Additionally, if you ever need to replace any parts of your doll, make sure to only use original parts from the manufacturer. This way, you will ensure that your doll can stand up to any wear and tear that she may go through.

When it comes to dolls that have mechanical or robotic components, you should always pay extra attention to cleaning those as well. This is because these components can easily become compromised if they get dirt or debris inside them. To clean these components, use a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner and clean away as much as you can.

Also, to make sure she’s really sparkling, you may want to take her in for a professional cleaning every now and then. This will help to ensure that your doll is up to standard and that there’s no damage or dirt that needs to be taken care of.

Finally, another tip to keep in mind is to never use a cleaning product that isn’t specifically supposed to be used on dolls. You should be very careful to only use products that are designed for dolls since using the wrong product can ruin the finish on your sex doll. So, make sure to always check the manufacturers instructions if you’re unsure of what cleaner to use.

Now that I’ve filled you in on how to clean your doll, I hope that you feel confident in taking care of her. Just remember to give her a good, thorough cleaning every time you’re done with her so she stays as beautiful as the day you bought her.