i let my sister borrow my penis pump

I guess it all started when my sister asked me to borrow my Penis Rings pump.​ I had to laugh at it and I was so taken aback at first – after all, it isn’t something I ever expected to hear.​ I could tell by the look on her face that she was serious though so I decided to oblige.​

I asked if she knew what a penis pump was – and the look in her eyes told me everything.​ “You don’t know what it is?” I asked.​ “No,” she said “but I think it can help me with something and I need it.​”

She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted to try pumping her clitoris as she had heard it could be pleasurable.​ I couldn’t disagree with her logic but I was still surprised she was asking me for the item.​ She asked me to explain it to her in more detail so I had to break it down for her.​

It was funny to see her reaction to me talking about it; a mix of excitement and nervousness.​ I explained to her the basics of its operation, from the vacuum seal to the different sized cylinders.​ With my explanations, she was becoming more and more excited by the potential experience.​

Finally she asked if I could lend it to her – I was hesitant to hear her request but eventually agreed.​ She mentioned that she would take good care of it, and I told her not to worry about it.​

It was a strange moment when I loaned her my penis pump, something that before this I would have never expected to do.​ She thanked me and ran away with it, seemingly quite eager to try it out for herself.​

I really wasn’t sure what to think of the whole thing at first – it wasn’t something I had expected to encounter in my life.​ But I couldn’t deny that the experience ended up being a rather positive one and that my sister seemed to appreciate it greatly.​

Since then I have done some more research into penis pumps and their uses.​ From what I’ve read, they can be a great tool for sexual stimulus and pleasure and I’ve even purchased my own so my sister doesn’t have to keep borrowing mine.​

Although I was a bit taken aback when my sister asked to borrow my penis pump, in the end I was happy to oblige.​ I now realize that these devices can be a great tool for sexual enhancement and pleasure.​

I guess it’s a good reminder that sometimes you just need to take a risk and trust yourself.​ If I had hesitated to donate my pump to my sister, she wouldn’t have been able to explore her newfound sexual desires.​ I’m so glad that I could help her explore in a safe and healthy manner.​

I’m so happy for Penis Rings my sister that she was able to explore a new method of sexual pleasure.​ I never would have expected to be the one who loaned her the device but it was kind of cool to be able to give something like that to her.​

In the end, I think it all worked out for the best.​ My sister was able to find something that she was interested in and I was able to loan her my penis pump.​ I guess it’s a sign of open and honest communication between sisters – and in a way I think it was a bonding experience.​

Although the experience was a bit awkward, it was still quite an interesting one.​ I remember thinking as I handed her the device that it felt like I was passing on something sacred – something that could have the potential to open up a world of pleasure for her.​

Time has passed and I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to my sister about the experience since.​ Despite this, I know that she was quite grateful and that I probably did the right thing by lending her my penis pump.​

I think it’s important to take risks in life and to try something that is out of your comfort zone.​ By facilitating my sister’s exploration of the penis pump, I allowed for an experience that could have greatly enriched her life.​

It was a pleasure to be able to help her explore something that I wouldn’t have known to explore myself – and to this day I still feel grateful for the experience.​ So if my story has inspired you in any way to not be afraid of taking risks and trying new things, then I couldn’t be happier.​