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At first, it didn’t occur to me that it could be a sex toy.​ I mean, it was hidden like some super-secret, super-rad device of a bygone age.​ But, hey, I’m always up for adventure, so I clicked on it.​

My jaw dropped.​ it was like I had hit the sexual jackpot! It was a masturbation device completely hidden in plain sight, with all the bells and whistles, pun intended.​ It was sleek and mysterious in form, with a vibrating, textured inner lining for more pleasure.​

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The hidden male masturbator blew open the doors of my sexual exploration, letting in some amazing experiences that I never knew existed.​ It was like a personal tour guide, taking me places I’d never been and introducing me to ideas and sensations I hadn’t experienced before, even though I had explored plenty of other toys.​

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