is it ok to jelg before doing penis pump

Recently, one of my friends asked me if it is ok to jelg before doing a penis pump.​ At first, I was a bit taken aback and slightly shocked.​ I’ve heard about jelging and I’ve heard about penis pumps, but I never heard of using them both together.​ After doing a bit of research, I decided to tell him the pros and cons of each.​

The first thing you need to know is that jelging is a stretching technique that helps to increase length.​ Its been used by many cultures for centuries to increase size and girth of the penis and it is a proven method.​ It involves gripping the base of your penis and stroking up to the tip using a steady, rhythmic motion.​ The benefits of using this technique is that it can help to increase penis size, improve blood flow, reduce erectile dysfunction and improve overall sexual health.​

On the other hand, penis pumps are devices that use a vacuum to draw blood into the penis and help with erections and to give a more fulfilling experience.​ They are usually used in cases of erectile dysfunction where the user is unable to maintain an erection and needs additional help.​ The pump helps to draw blood into the penis and make it easier to achieve and maintain an erection.​ The benefits of using a penis pump are that it can help to achieve stronger erections, increased sensation and improved orgasms.​

So is it ok to jelg before doing a penis pump? After doing some more research I’ve discovered that it is not recommended to do both at the same time as it can cause a lack of circulation in the penis due to the vacuum of the penis pump being conflicting with the strokes of the jelging.​ Also, using both at the same time could cause too much pressure to the Penis Rings which can lead to damage.​

In conclusion, I would suggest that if a person is looking to increase their penis size and improve their overall sexual health then jelging should be done as a separate activity from using the penis pump.​ I would also suggest that if a person is using the penis pump for erectile dysfunction they should consult a doctor or physician to ensure safety and effectiveness.​

Furthermore another way to increase size, is with manual stretches done with the hands.​ This method does not require the use of a pump and is a safe and non-invasive way to increase form and length.​ Manual stretches involve gripping the base of the penis and gently pulling out.​ The method has been used safely by many cultures for centuries and is considered to be a great way of increasing the size of the penis.​

A third way to improve size and enhance sexual health is through the use of traction devices.​ These devices are designed to stretch the penis and create extra tissue growth.​ The device is worn for several hours a day and can help to increase form as well as length.​ By wearing the device regularly, the user can expect results to be seen in as little as a few weeks.​

Additionally, sex dolls exercises and dietary supplements can be used to promote natural penis enlargement.​ Exercises such as kegels, jelqs, penile stretches and other penile exercises can help to strengthen the penis and increase size.​ Additionally, diet supplements can help to improve blood flow and increase the effectiveness of these exercises.​

Lastly, some other methods, such as vacuum devices and penis extenders, have been said to help in increasing size and promoting sexual health as well.​ Vacuum devices use a vacuum to draw in blood into the penis to help obtain an erection and increase size.​ Penis extenders, on the other hand, are devices that are designed to be worn for a few hours a day to help increase size and length of the penis.​ Both of these methods have been used safely and successfully in many cultures for centuries.​

Overall, it is important to remember that these natural penis enlargement techniques are just that – natural.​ They should be done in a safe and responsible manner.​ Also, if a person is having difficulties in obtaining or maintaining an erection they should seek medical advice before engaging in any of these methods.​