is it safe to buy a used sex toy

My friend said to me the other day, “Hey, have you ever thought about buying a used sex toy?” I was taken aback, to be honest. The idea of buying a pre-owned pleasure item just seemed wrong to me. I mean, who knows who’s used it before, right? But then I thought it through a bit more. Is it really so bad to buy a used sex toy?

I had to think about it from a few different angles. If I was to buy a used sex toy, it would obviously need to be thoroughly sanitized and checked for sex toys any visible damages or signs of wear and tear before use. That was the only real certainty – the rest was up to my own discretion. After all, only I know what I’m comfortable with.

Still, I just couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. Not only do you have to worry about who’s used it before, but you also have to be careful of which company you’re buying from, too. I mean, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you can bargain-hunt. On top of that, the extra wear on a second-hand toy means it might not even function properly.

Obviously, the majority of people agree that buying a new, in-box toy is by far the safest option. And this seems to be the general consensus across the board. Everyone from health experts to pleasure product aficionados share this sentiment.

Having said that, I can still see both sides of the coin. For some, used sex toys can provide an affordable way to explore their fantasies, and technology has come a long way with sanitizing. So if done correctly, it may be a safe and viable option.

Yet, despite all of this, and no matter how much energy I’ve put into trying to understand it, I’m personally still not convinced that this is a good idea. I mean, it’s not something I would ever consider doing. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m still firmly in the new-only-sex-toy camp.

Until I can realistically guarantee that I’m buying something safe and properly sanitized, there’s just no way I’d even think of using a used sex toy. From what I’ve known and heard, it’s just not worth the risk.I Used A Couples Vibrator for the First TIme, and It Was Weird And Awesome