It was browsing through some supermarket shelves when I came across this particular figurine. At first, I thought it was just another cute small toy but as I came to realize what it was, my jaw just dropped. It was a sex doll figure. I was at awe looking at how well it was crafted- from its blonde hair, manicured eyes to its body shape. Even more so, I noticed how cost effective the figure was- it was really affordable.

Uh-oh, I thought! Who knew what purpose this figure would serve? My curiosity kicked in and after much contemplation, I decided to purchase it and find out. As I was taking it home, I noticed that people were meekly peeking at me and my bag. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight as I could imagine what they were thinking.

When I got home, I opened the box with so much anticipation. I awaited a sight of what to expect. As I uncovered the box, my eyes couldn’t contain itself. I was amazed – it was incredibly realistic. It contained all the necessary body parts and features; and its facial expressions were even more so scathing. I was actually quite taken aback.

As I continued to observe it more and more, I started to appreciate it. It was a great work of art, so detailed and so fine. But then I thought, should I sell this? It didn’t quite seem right. I then thought of different ways to make use of it – maybe a good photo prop, or perhaps a home décor idea. I was sure there were a lot more creative ways to transform it into something more worthwile.

I showed it to my friends, and boy, was it a sight for sore eyes. They all had the same thought when I first had – “What purpose does this serve?” We joked around saying it could have been the perfect gift for my friend’s ‘overexposed’ husband – but then again, we all knew that was a bad one. Everyone began to brainstorm on a cool way to use it. After sometime, a genius idea came to mind – We could create a canvas frame out of it.

It was an idea like no other. We kneaded the figure to fit the size for the frame and painted it in different pastel colors. As soon as we hung the masterpiece on our wall, everyone in the room couldn’t help but be in awe.

It felt kind of nice being the one who had given this old neglected sex toys doll figure a chance to shine brighter than ever. Indeed, sex toys I’m glad I chose to do it – it had become quite symbolic of the creativity and craftsmanship that we had been blessed with. It definitely was a memorable moment and a symbol of how creativity can yield something amazing out of the ordinary.