It was my first time exploring the world of male masturbation techniques, and I must say I was blown away.​ I had read about different techniques on “https www.​orgasmicguy.​com three-most-intense-male-masturbation-techniques”and although I was intrigued, I could not believed just how incredible it was.​

To start off on my journey I tried the “Edging” masturbation technique.​ Basically it means that instead of working towards an orgasm as fast as possible, I would stop every now and vibrators then to explore and enjoy the sensations in my body.​ It was amazing! I definitely felt more intense sensations that I had never felt before.​

The next technique I explored was the “Stop and Go” technique.​ This is all about pushing yourself towards the edge of orgasm and then slowing down or stopping altogether and then starting again.​ This definitely had me pushing my limits as the sensations were building up and up super quickly and then suddenly falling away.​

The third technique was the most intense of all – the “Lightning Bolt”.​ This involves combined with deep breathing techniques to help you experience the most intense orgasm.​ It was absolutely mind-blowing! I felt that every muscle in my body was being taken to the edge and then pushed over into pure pleasure.​

It was an incredible experience! Although I found myself pushing my limits, I felt safe at all times.​ I also felt incredibly connected to myself as I was exploring the parts of my body that I had never connected to before.​

The sensations were so strong and so satisfying that I found myself wanting more.​ But, I noticed that it was pleasure overload if I kept going, so I had to make sure that I limited each session to a certain amount of time.​

The best part of the journey was that I learnt so much about my body and about how intense male masturbation can be.​ I realized that there is so much pleasure waiting for me that I had yet to discover and explore.​ I am looking forward to the next session!

My next session involved the “Slow Stroke” technique.​ This time, instead of pushing for the peak and then stopping, I began to explore longer, slower strokes which I found to be more sensual and more mind-opening.​ I could feel every inch of my skin tingling with pleasure and the connection I felt with my body was profound.​

Moving forward, Penis Rings I decided to explore the “Circular Rotation” technique.​ This required me to draw circles with my hands slowly and steadily, with the intention of triggering deeper sensations within my body.​ It worked wonders! I could feel the pleasure radiating through me and I began to feel a connection with myself that I never experienced before.​

Finally, I tried the “Friction and Pressure” technique.​ This involves putting varying amount of pressure on my pelvic area through different ways.​ The intensity of this was just what I needed, as the supercharged pleasure kept on increasing until it reached a feverish peak.​

The overall effect was absolutely mesmerizing.​ I had always heard that male masturbation can be very intense but I could never imagine it to be this incredible and powerful.​ I definitely felt more in tune with myself than ever before and I was excited to explore the other many techniques available.​