makw male masturbation better

I’m sure a lot of us have already experienced (or at least heard of) male masturbation.​ It’s an amazing way to get pleasure on demand.​ But, for me, mastubation isn’t quite the same as sex with another human.​ Let me tell you why.​.​.​

For a start, I find that before I can hit my peak, I need more than just my own imagination for stimulation.​ A trusty box of tissues isn’t going to cut it.​ I mean, of course it gets the job done but it’s nothing quite like the real thing.​ The tender touches, warm caresses, and anticipation of surprising things — those sensations just aren’t there with masturbation.​ As unsatisfying as it can be, it’s still a great way to get some relief in a pinch.​

Next, I have to admit that I find male masturbation quite energy draining.​ It goes without saying that as soon as I’m done, I’m lying down wishing I could take two-weeks-long nap.​ I can’t be the only one tired after the self-pleasure session! It’s like I’ve taken a roller coaster up and then right back down again.​ But, vibrators with the right techniques and tools, male masturbation can actually be quite energizing.​ Visual gym and pleasure toys are like amazing sidekicks that make me feel spirited and energized rather than exhausted.​

What I’ve also come to understand is that when you include breathing with the equation, male masturbation can actually be quite rewarding.​ Sometimes, when I get too caught up in the pleasure, my breathing gets out of sync.​ Taking some mindful-breathing moments during sex can suddenly make the experience feel even more amazing and alive.​ Some people are able to even reach orgasm from conscious breathing alone!

Another thing that helps, in my opinion, is that having a partner in crime can be really beneficial to your male masturbation routine.​ Often, when two minds come together, they are a source of inspiration and create a mor dynamic experience.​ With a partner, I can indulge and go further with my kinks and fantasies.​ Plus, there’s the added bonus of having someone there who understands the curves and depths of your pleasure!

These days, I’m all about adding new, unexpected techniques and tools to my male masturbation experience.​ I’m finding that pulsators (especially with adjustable intensity settings) are a huge help in making my pleasure greater and grander.​ Also, sound therapy and electric shocks are both incredibly fun and stimulating.​

So overall, when I want to get the most out of my self-pleasure sessions, I focus on breathing, visualisation and sex toys.​ But then I also mix it up with varying sensations and new techniques to keep things dynamic.​ As I’ve come to realise, male masturbation can be so much more than just a quickie! It can be a transformative experience that really helps you to get to know yourself inside and out.​