me my wife and our sex doll 3 stream

It’s not every day that you hear someone talking about their sex doll threesome. But that’s exactly what me and my wife recently did. I must admit, I was quite hesitant about it at first, but my wife was all for it. We argued about it, but eventually, we decided to give it a go.

It was quite an experience! We both felt a bit awkward at first, and we both had a lot of questions about how to go about it. However, we both tried to be open to it and discussed the best way to make it enjoyable for both of us. We ended up positioning the doll in between us and just went with it from there.

There were some hiccups along the way. We were both new to this experience and couldn’t quite figure out the best way to caress the doll or move around it. It took us a little bit of experimenting and trial and error to get it down, but eventually, we nailed it.

The best part was that we put all our inhibitions aside and just allowed ourselves to have fun. We joked and laughed a lot, and it was really wonderful to let go and be in the moment. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other in the process, and it really enriched the connection between us.

The sensations weren’t the same as with a flesh-and-blood human, of course, but it was still an amazing experience. We explored positions we may have been too shy to try before, we discovered new depths to our intimacy, and overall we had a great time.

When it was all said and done, me and my wife were even more in love than before. We felt like our bond was stronger than ever, and it was amazing to have experienced something new together. We’re definitely not done with the sex doll just yet, and I’m quite looking forward to the next threesome!

I was also surprised by how my experience with the sex doll opened me up to a different level of self-love. I learned how to be more accepting of my pleasure regardless of who the other is, and that felt awesome. I discovered that my body and mind are still capable of entertaining and Penis Rings enjoying new things, and I’m grateful for the lessons I learned.

My wife and vibrators I also broadened our understanding of consent and communication. We had some difficult conversations about boundaries and desires, and that improved the way we communicate about sexual topics. It was really amazing to witness how we could both be open and honest about our desires and still respect each other’s boundaries.

We were both so happy with our experience with the sex doll that we decided to go a step further and customize the doll a bit more to our liking. We ordered some extra outfits, so we can go from a sweet sensual encounter to something a bit wilder. We also plan on buying some more lubricants and toys, so we can make our next experience even better.

Overall, I’m just grateful that me and my wife decided to take a risk and try something new together. I was apprehensive at first, but in the end, it turned out to be an incredibly positive and enlightening experience for both of us. My advice to anyone out there is to go ahead and give it a shot, you never know what it could lead to.