My best friend recently bought a penis pump massage hidden camera.​ He told me that he was really excited to try it out, and I was intrigued to learn more.​ I asked him what it was all about, and he began to explain.​

He said it was a device that quickly massage the penis with tiny vibrations that stimulate pleasure points.​ He told me that it also had a hidden camera to capture the exact moment of pleasure, vibrators to be played back and enjoyed over again.​

I was taken aback at how he was so open to trying out something so different, yet his enthusiasm was infectious.​ He was really looking forward to testing it out, raving about how it felt like exploring uncharted territories.​

He went on to say that the vibrations were extremely effective, quickly bringing him to the brink of pleasure.​ In addition, the graphic images on the hidden camera gave him a heightened sense of arousal, as it had a way of capturing his movements in a delicate and beautiful way.​

He said it wasn’t long before he was able to reach climax, and as the camera captured it all, he felt as if he was in complete control.​ He said it was simply amazing, and the feeling of pleasure was out of this world.​

The best part for him was that he now had a record of his pleasure, able to be watched over and over again and enjoyed in whatever way he saw fit.​ He said it had opened his eyes to pleasure in a new way, and he could explore it as often as he liked.​

Having heard about this, it had made me curious as to what else could be achieved with this device.​ I asked him how it could be enhanced, and he got really excited as he began to tell me about the various ways it can be used.​

He told me that it could be used for foreplay, giving an opportunity to explore each other in different ways.​ He said that it could be used to build sexual tension before taking it to the next level.​ He also said that it could be used for solo play, when one is feeling a bit extra naughty.​

He also said that it could be used to enhance partner play, as it could easily be incorporated into different activities.​ He said that it can be used to explore new intensity and eroticism.​

Hearing all this had definitely made me feel a bit curious.​ My friend who had tried out the device was already liking how it was bringing out his naughty side, and I was definitely interested in giving it a go too.​

My friend told me that the device is easy to operate, but also that there’s a learning curve.​He said that it’s all about exploring and having some fun with it, getting to know its sensitivity and getting the best out of it.​

He also said that it could be used for dildos couples as well as solo play.​ He said that it could be fun to include the device into game playing or even to partake in some competitive activities to see who can reach the most pleasure points in the shortest amount of time.​

Having heard everything my friend told me had really made me feel all sorts of excited.​ I definitely intend on getting my own penis pump massage hidden camera and I’m really looking forward to having some naughty and exciting experiences with it.​