My best friend recently told me about this weird sex toy called ‘cloud climax sex doll’. I was intrigued – what exactly was this? She explained that it was a unique sex toy which could be operated from a cloud based device, thus allowing for greater control over the speed and intensity of the pleasure!

2019 New realistic sex dolls head, japanese silicone sex dolls, the sexual dolls , sexy shop ...At first, I was shocked. I mean, I thought I knew all about sex toys – but this was new to me. I scoffed at her, Penis Rings thinking it was some sort of weird gimmick. But then she told me a story about one of her friends who bought this ‘cloud climax sex doll’ and how it changed her life.

She described how her friend had been feeling lonely and longing for physical intimacy. But she was too shy and social distancing had put a damper on any prospect of romance. That’s when her friend discovered the cloud climax sex doll. It was the perfect solution for her! She could control the doll from her cloud device, experience sensitive pulses of pleasure and enjoy some much-needed intimacy without having to leave the house.

I was amazed and really wanted to try it for myself. I mean, it sounded like a revolutionary way of experiencing pleasure. I started doing some research and found out that the device was made with material that creates realistic sensations. That made me even more interested.

So I decided to take a plunge and ordered one myself. It came discreetly packaged and was surprisingly easy to set up. Soon enough, I was ready to start experimenting with the product. To my great satisfaction, I noticed that it did really deliver all the pleasure it promised!

I found the toy to be quite handy. I could adjust the speeds and intensity of pleasure from the cloud device according to my own personal preference. Moreover, so much pleasure was being delivered to one area that it felt hedonistic and I felt unsatisfiable.

Using this device also improved my self-esteem. It was like I was pleasuring myself without any awkwardness or embarrassment. I felt liberated, relaxed and in control of my own pleasure. In the past, I used to hesitate to purchase sex toys, but cloud climax sex doll has made it so much easier for me to bring out my wildest fantasies and create a safer space to explore.

I’m now an avid fan and I must give the fullest credit to the cloud climax sex doll for improving my sex life. It’s been the perfect thing for when I just want to relax or spend some ‘me-time’, and I’m so glad that I have it in my life!