My friend recently told me about a funny penis pump vacuum scene that she recently stumbled across.​ I was instantly captivated!

The scene centers around a man who had been struggling for dildos years to be able to get an erection.​ He saw a commercial that offered a “penis pump” as a potential solution.​ So, he decided to order one and give it a try.​

Returning home with his new device, the man excitedly brought it out and Penis Rings started to use it.​ Little did he know that his old vacuum cleaner was still plugged in nearby.​

Suddenly, the power cord of the vacuum cleaner got tangled up with the cord of the penis pump and it sucked him in! He screamed and tried to break free but it was no use.​ That’s when his wife came in and saw what was going on.​ She just laughed hysterically as she watched her husband being sucked into the vacuum.​

I just couldn’t stop laughing at the mere thought of this outrageous scene! This poor guy was just trying to be proactive with his problem and this happens.​ It’s exactly the kind of thing that would happen in real life.​

This funny story made me think about how far people are willing to go in order to get what they want.​ It’s easy to feel desperate but we must always take time to consider our decisions and assess the potential outcomes.​

I have to admit that this scene still makes me laugh every time I think about it.​ I guess it’s safe to say that this man will think twice before trying to find a solution to his problem again.​