nkd training penis pump

Since it’s been a while since I talked about it, allow me to introduce the subject of the NKD Training Penis Pump.​ It’s a natural and proven way to make your penis longer and thicker.​

My friend told me about it and I wanted to give it a go so I bought one.​ To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first because I’d never used a penis pump before.​ I was scared it might hurt me or not work right.​ But it turns out that it was completely safe and really easy to use.​

The first time I tried the NKD Training Penis Pump I was amazed.​ I held the pump over my penis and worked the pumping action with a few pulls.​ I could feel my little guy stretching inside the pump just like it said it would.​ After just a few minutes I could already feel my penis getting thicker and longer!

I continued to use the pump for a few weeks and to my surprise my penis was noticeably larger.​ Not only was it longer and thicker, it was also more sensitive and firmer as well.​ It started to feel better during sexual activities and I could also keep going much longer than before.​

At the end of the year I decided to take a break from using the NKD Training Penis Pump.​ But looking back, I can honestly say that it was one of the best investments I ever made.​ It was easy to use, dildos comfortable, and it gave me the results I wanted.​

My experience with the NKD Training Penis Pump wasn’t just about the physical transformation.​ It also released a lot of my worries and insecurities.​ I could finally feel confident and proud of my body and the pleasure I could give to my partner.​

This was only the beginning of my journey.​ After that, I started to look for other ways to improve my sex life and pleasure my partner.​ I read books and blogs about sexuality, explored new techniques, and even tried using different types of sex toys.​

Once I felt really comfortable with my sexual performance, I knew I was ready to take it to the next level.​ I started exploring different kinds of BDSM activities and experimented with power dynamics.​ Bondage was particularly thrilling; it allowed me to explore my body, trust my partner and overcome my fears.​

It was the perfect way to put my newly gained confidence to the test.​ And let me tell you, the rewards were more than I ever expected.​ The intense pleasure, the physical and emotional connection, and the feeling of empowerment were all amazing.​ This part of my journey was definitely the most rewarding.​

Finally, I wanted to try something totally new.​ I had seen a few commercials about vacuum therapy and I wanted to give it a go.​ Vacuum therapy was like a breath of fresh air! It was so different from anything else I had experienced before.​ I was able to get the same kind of intense sensations that I got with a penis pump, but with less skin contact and more flexibility.​

By trying out different activities, I managed to really take my sex life to the next level.​ But most of all, I am thankful for having discovered the NKD Training Penis Pump.​ It made me feel more confident and allowed me to explore different possibilities when it comes to sex.​ If you haven’t tried it yet, I really recommend it.​ You will not be disappointed!Using a cock ring to last longer and have better sex