Blondie Pony Tail Butt Plug


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Serve your Master or Mistress as a good little pony slut with this long, blonde butt plug!
Pony-play enthusiasts will love the smooth, silky pony tail that sways from the base of this plug! Fullness and movement will accompany every swing of the hips while this slick plug fills up their ass. Designed to stay in place, this anal plug will keep you stuffed while you trot around for your owner, feeling your beautiful tail brush the back of your legs. Style the blonde strands to demonstrate your unique elegance, or keep them loose like a wild pony that needs to be tamed.
SMACK! The crop hits against my left cheek, as she begins to match it to the right. \”You. Need. To. Be. Trained!\” She says with each slap. I know my ass is going to be bright red, especially after she went at it with the single tail whip. I can do little more but moan and pant through the bit gag she\’s got in my mouth. In my ass in a generously-sized black buttplug, keeping me stuffed and giving me a long, blond pony tail for her to run her fingers through. Each time she does, I feel the pressure against my sphincter and it makes me whinny in pleasure. Once she\’s done beating my ass, she steps back to survey her work. \”Now try that canter again. You\’ll get it right, even if I have to break you first.\” With every movement, I feel the tail swishing against my legs.
Blondie Pony Tail Butt Plug Specifications:
Measurements: 22 inches in total length, 9.5 cm/3.7 inch insertable, 3.8 cm/1.5 inches in diameter
Material: TPR, fiber

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