Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads


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This product is a high-tech electronic products, low frequency of breast massage therapy instrument applied physics principles, use of low-frequency adjustment electrical impulses to stimulate females breast, accelerate blood circulation of the breast, promoting the secretion of female hormones. Breast hypoplasia of breast, breast atrophy, hyperplasia of the breast caused by tiny flat, drooping relaxation Assistant effect of therapy of the breast. Making the small flat breasts busty, bagged the breasts become strong, tall and straight.
United States electrical pulse technique, using a special pulse frequency, adjust endocrine, chest muscles, improves breast blood circulation, prolactin to stimulate the egg cells, stimulates growth and increase of milk fat in cells, natural plump, firm breast, eliminating all the side effects caused by hormones or surgery.
Function: Breast Physiotherapy
Color: Pink
Outside Diameter:11.5cm/4.6\”
Inside Diameter: 4cm/1.6\”
Net Weight: 0.053kg
Power: No
Material: TPR
Further: Soft Material
Package: No
Package Size:9*3.5*3.5CM

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