Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel


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An advanced, prickly ElectraStim accessory that\’s capable of extreme sensory effects even before the addition of tingly electrostimulation, the Pinwheel was specially designed for toe-curling, teasingly mobile sensation with a definite edge.

Perfect for all kinds of bondage and dominance scenarios, the Pinwheel rolls over the skin smoothly on a insulated handle, allowing the spiked contact points incredible versatility. Long before your ElectraStim unit of choice (sold separately) has been attached the effect is unique and exhilarating, but when used in conjunction with electro stimulation, the Pinwheel experience becomes absolutely unforgettable. 

This accessory is uni-polar, so it needs to be enjoyed in combination with another uni-polar ElectraStim offering- take your pick from a wide range of dildos, plugs, cock rings and more, or use one of the wonderfully versatile adhesive ElectraPads that most units come with. The second accessory transfers the current between itself and the Pinwheel, you\’ll need to attach a connector pin from the unit to each accessory to complete the ultra pleasurable circuit.

Constructed from super-slick, highly polished plated brass, the Pinwheel will quickly and naturally warm to match body temperature, a feature that only adds to the indescribably pleasurable effects of perfectly placed electro-stimulation. For a cooler option, simply place in the fridge or freezer for a while before play. Compatible with water based lubricant. ElectraStim unit sold separately. 

Color: Silver
Length: 18 cm/7.1\”
Wheel Diameter: 3 cm/1.2\”

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