Lovers Feather Tickler


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Tickle your fancy (or your partner\’s) with this feathery beginner\’s bedroom accessory. Topped with fluffy marabou feathers, this mini tickler awakens nerve-endings all over to heighten sensitivity and build through-the-roof arousal and anticipation.
Tease and titillate your lover as you gently trace their curves with the plume of feathers, awakening nerve endings and building anticipation of sexual excitement. Delight in watching them wriggle and twist with pleasure under the feather tickler\’s touch. Switch things up by alternating between light tickles, lingering strokes and swirling patterns.
Want to amp things up a little? Slip a blindfold over your lovers eyes before play to instantly heighten tickle-power.
Key Features:
Petite feather tickler for teasing your lover\’s skin all over
Perfect for accessorising light bondage play
Pair with a blindfold for heightened sensory anticipation
Handle length 12 cm/4.8 inches – perfect for travel and storage
Color available: Pink/Purple/Red/White/Black

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