Pleasure Pod Probe Anal Plug


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The Pleasure Probe is an elegant adult toy made for comfortable and sensual penetration. It works both for vaginal and anal penetration. It has a smooth design with a large bullet on the end made to provide pleasure and intensity.
When using this probe, it’s important to stick to sanitary practices. Before using your probe, make sure it’s properly sterilized and use it only on one area at a time.
This Pleasure Probe is now available in two sizes:
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Bag
Shaft Dia: 0.7 cm/0.3 inch
S Size
Length: 11 cm/4.3 inch
Diameter: 4 cm/1.6 inch
Net Weight: 0.41 kg/0.90 lb/14.46 oz
M Size
Length: 17 cm/6.7 inch
Diameter: 4 cm/1.6 inch
Net Weight: 0.42 kg/0.93 lb/14.82 oz

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Weight 0.45 kg



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