Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring


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Slip this stainless steel glans ring down your shaft and around the head of your cock for the targeted pressure that you crave. Feel the two hard bulbs against your frenulum as your glans becomes more sensitive to every touch, suck, and fuck! That\’s right, you can enjoy masturbation, hand jobs, blow jobs… you can even thrust into a soft, wet pussy for a sensation that you and your partner will both enjoy!

It can be fun to deliver a good, hard, fast fucking, but every once in a while it\’s so satisfying to just slow it down and enjoy the ride. I got the Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring to add a little something to those nights when I\’m just pumping slowly into my wife\’s hot, soaking wet pussy. I love the additional pressure on my cock head, caused by the restricted circulation. The feeling of those metal bulbs pressing against my frenulum as I thrust slowly in and out is amazing. My wife especially loves the feeling of the rubbing against her g-spot during doggie style. But before any of that starts, she just like to look at it on my cock, marveling at the stainless steel against my bulging red shaft. She can never help herself, she always wants to put it in her mouth! Like I said, I love giving a serious pounding as much as the next guy, but…

Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring Specifications:
Material: Stainless steel
Not recommended for use during anal sex
Feel the two hard bulbs against your frenulum
S: 2.5 cm in diameter
M: 2.8 cm in diameter
L: 3.0 cm in diameter
XL: 3.2 cm in diameter
XXL: 3.5 cm in diameter
3XL: 4 cm in diameter

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