Screaming O Remote Control Master Ring And Bullet Set


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If you’ve ever fantasized about doing something dirty in a crowded restaurant or theater, then you’ll love this wireless vibrator kit! 
•    Super quiet and discreet vibrator made to be used in public for naughty thrills
•    Controller discreetly disguised as a ring with a 50-foot range
•    Pick from 10 vibration modes for various types of stimulation
•    Waterproof for use almost anywhere and easy cleaning
•    Retrieval cord allows for safe and easy removal
•    Made from plastic with special, soft coating
Function: 10 Speeds Patterns
Color: Pink,Purple,Black,Blue
Bullet Size: 1.7*6.2cm/0.7\” * 2.4\”
Ring Size: 2.6*2.6*2.3cm/1\” * 1\” * 0.9\”
Inner Dia: 2cm/0.8\”
Power: 3 LR44
Net Weight: 0.02kg
The wireless vibrator slips easily inside your vagina while you’re getting ready for your big night out. From that point on, you’re in for a wild kinky adventure! The vibrator’s controller is disguised as a black opal ring. Just press the large “opal” to turn the vibrator on and off and to change the vibration setting. Your lover can tease you at random times during dinner, including when the waiter is taking your order or you’re heading to the bathroom to “freshen up.” This can go on for hours, and you’ll never know when they’re about to turn the vibrator on or off or even increase the stimulation. And you’ll have to keep a straight face the whole time or everyone around will know you just had an orgasm!
There are 10 different vibration speeds and pulsating patterns for you to try. You can cycle through all the different options with the controller until you find one that makes your lover squirm! The controller has a 50-foot range.  
The wireless bullet vibrator is waterproof so you can wear it while taking a shower or a dip in the backyard pool. It also comes with a built-in retrieval cord for quick and easy removal. Note that the ring is not waterproof.
The wireless bullet vibrator measures 0.75 inches wide and 2.25 inches long. Made from plastic, the bullet is coated with a special smooth covering to make it feel softer and smoother than usual. The vibrator is powered by 3 LR44 watch batteries, included. 
We recommends the Screaming O Remote Control Master Ring & Bullet Set Set for kinky couples interested in experimenting.

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