Sensual Hot Massage Oil Heart Candle


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Stimulate and soothe yourself and your lover in a unique way with a deliciously scented Massage Candle. The warm, sexy smell of the Rose flavor wakes up desire as it fills the room, and the touch of each others hands will do the rest. To use, light the wick and set the candle somewhere safe for 20 minutes or so. Blow out the flame, and tip the pot into the palm of your hand to let the warm oil out, before spreading it on the body of your object of desire. The intoxicating scent and act of massage will get both of you in the mood for more as you explore and discover each others bodies with the silky touch of this melty, slippery, good-for-the skin treat. You can choose to forgo the flame and simply spoon or scoop the soft wax right onto the skin, but the gentle warmth from the candle is recommended for the most pleasure! 

Function: Massage Oil Candle 
Color: White/Blue/Red
Diameter: 5 cm/2.0\”
High: 3 cm/1.2\”
Net Weight: 0.053 kg/0.117 lb/1.87 oz

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Weight0.1 kg

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