Sex Position Master with Restraint Cuffs


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Explore bedroom bondage in all-new ways with this Sex Position Master with Cuffs. Designed to help you support your body in hard-to-hold positions, this strap system allows you to take a load off and enjoy accentuated pleasure without the hard work.
Supporting your neck at either the front or the back is a soft, faux fur cushion. Deeply padded for your comfort, the cushion prevents strain throughout play.
Long adjustable tethers connect the support pillow to a pair of thick faux fur ankle cuffs. Lengthen the tethers to fit the cuffs and then shorten the length to hold your legs in the desired position.
You can wear the cuffs around your ankles or knees and the harness can either be used on your front or back to create a variety of poses. Find inspiration on the box and experiment with your own ways to play.
2 removable wrist cuffs made from nylon strap with a soft neoprene lining offer soft cushioning for wrists during play. Clipping onto the support pillow, they can be used as part of full-body restraint or choose to use them separately as handcuffs.
Both the wrist and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable with velcro fastening, ensuring the perfect fit for most men and women as well as instant release if required.
Color: Black/Pink/Red
Size: One size fit most
Material: Nylon
Package: Bag

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