The Canvas Sleepsack


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Completely secure your partner in this confining canvas sleepsack
When getting your partner under total control, place them inside of this canvas sleepsack. The sleepsack includes internal sleeves for a more comfortable fit and uses a series of buckles and zippers to keep your partner securely locked in.
The sack includes 3 frontal zippers. With this design you can have the sack fully zipped up, but use the other two zippers to keep one part of your partner\’s frontal body exposed for any little plans that you may have. The sack covers the body from foot to neck, leaving their head exposed. There are D-rings throughout the sleepsack allowing you to add other items if you desire.
The sack is made of heavy duty canvas for durability and comfort.
Color: Black
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)
Size: One size fit most
Package: Bag

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