UCB-8000 Chastity Device with Urethral Tube


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UCB-8000 is brand new type of plastic chastity device. The shape and dimensions are very similar to the popular model CB6000s, so for sure it will find its fans. For more advanced users there is an additional urethral tube you can screw inside the cage.
This cage combines features of CB6000s, Spiderwire2 and it brings something more yet. With CB6000s it has the same rings, connecting parts and measures and with Spiderwire2 it has the same shape and penis head availability for touching and hygiene. Except of this there is steel urethral tube mentioned already. It is screwable to the cage from inside, so without unlocking the cage it is not able to unscrew it. If you don\’t want to use the urethral tube, just let it out. Without it the cage losts nothing from its value.
Instructions how to put it on:
put the ring from downside around testicles and penis
put the cage onto the penis (you can use water-based lubricant)
connect the ring with the cage with connection parts and lock it up
Package includes:
5 rings with various diameters
1 penis cage
4 connection parts with various length
1 padlock with 2 keys
1 steel urethral tube
practical travel pouch
inner diameters of the rings: 38, 41, 45, 48 and 51 mm
cage measures: length 6.4 cm, width 3.5 cm
S size:
6 cm/2.4 inch urethral tube
L size:
8 cm/3.2 inch urethral tube

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