Vibration Accu-Meter Power Pump


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Built to provide the most precise pumping possible, the Accu-Meter from Pump Worx is a professional quality, ultra effective enhancer that monitors the perfect amount of pressure needed to reach your unique  ideal length, thickness and firmness. 
Firm and easy to handle, the clear cylinder is excitingly voyeur-friendly; the precision pressure gauge is built right into the top of the pump, simply position the cylinder with the gauge facing you, and you\’re good to go. A soft, removable PVC donut sleeve surrounds the entry for a comfortable, airtight fit that feels fantastic, contributing to arousal and the lengthening, firming effects of the pump. 
The unique, high performance trigger handle fits easily and comfortably in hand, allowing for maximum control- a quick release valve just above the handle instantly releases pressure when you\’re done, or need a break.
Once your enhancement goals have been reached, you can slip on the included soft jelly cock ring, which not only looks sexy, but will keep all that just-pumped blood where you want it (keeping you hard!), it holds tight at the base of the cock and around the balls. 
Cylinder is 8 inches (20.5cm) long with a width of 2.3 inches (5.7cm).
Normal: No Vibration Bullet
Vibration: Include 1 pcs vibration bullet

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