sex dolls dog position for men

Concrete Vibrators | External Vibrators VE - ENARI always knew dudes got those sex dolls every now and dildos then, but apparently some of them out there are taking the whole ‘doggy style’ thing to a whole new level. I’m talking about real-life, full-sized silicone sex dolls specifically designed for the ‘doggy position’. And whoa, talk about stepping into the future!

I must admit, after hearing about this new trend, I was equal parts freaked out and strangely intrigued. Are we really considering a sex doll as an option for satisfying our sexual urges now? I just couldn’t believe it. But then again, I remembered that some people have already been using blow up dolls, so maybe this isn’t as strange as I thought.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t help but feel a bit weird whenever I even think about the fact that these sex dolls exist! I mean, imagine how unbelievably life-like these things must feel, and vibrators life-like they look, too! I mean, how focused on pleasure and satisfaction must the maker of these dolls be that he designs them to mimic a human being in such a way?

I understand how convenience and pleasure factor into all this, but I still can’t quite wrap my head around why someone would choose a silicone sex doll over a real-life partner. It just doesn’t seem right, and that troubles me. I mean, don’t you feel even the slightest sense of guilt and weirdness because you’re using a dummy to fulfill your sexual desires? I must admit, I would.

To be honest, I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually owns a silicone sex doll, so this is all just theory in my head. I can’t help but feel like this whole trend is a little questionable, and it leaves me feeling kind of uneasy. But I guess it’s just one of those things I’ll never understand.