stepmom pretends to be sex doll

I have an honestly insane story for you – you know how I have an emotionally complicated relationship with my stepmom? Well it just took a wild turn. She recently revealed to our family that she was apparently her own “sex doll”… you heard me right.

I was heartbroken and completely shocked when my stepmom confessed that for the past few months, she was pretending to be a sex doll. Like any human, I was confused and didn’t know what to think. I mean, we knew there was something ‘off’ about her, but bringing a sex doll into my family was the last thing I expected.

At first I was scared and concerned. I thought this had to mean something was wrong, like her mental health or something bigger. But then she revealed that it was a harmless experiment that she was doing with someone else. It turns out they had found some kind of virtual sex doll simulator, and my stepmom was pretending to be one.

I never would’ve guessed it – the whole thing sort of made sense. She always had a bit of an interest in fetishes and the like, but I guess experimenting with the virtual sex doll was more harmless than some of the other activities she wanted to try.

My stepmom sure did surprise me big time. I never would’ve thought she was into anything as wild as this. But at least I know I can trust her to make smart decisions when it comes to fantasies and fetishes. Plus, it’s kind of amazing that she could even pull off being a sex doll – I mean, the psychological implications of that must be staggering.

But I couldn’t help wonder if this was a primary source of her regular mood swings. I mean, it certainly seemed one way or the other. However, sex dolls I was relieved when I found out that the virtual sex doll thing was completely unconnected.

The experience wasn’t a negative one for her – she actually found it quite fun, and said it was therapeutic to escape reality and become someone else, if only for a little while. I guess it was her way of taking a break from real life. According to her, she also learned a thing or two about fantasy and fetishes. I was surprised to hear she actually got something meaningful out of it.

I was even more surprised when she hinted at there being more to the story. She told me that the person she did it with had an interesting past – when I asked if I could know more, she only said “wait and see!” I guess there’s a scandal that’s yet to unfold, and I have to say – I can’t wait to find out.


It was recently revealed to our family that my stepmom was pretending to be her own sex doll, and I was completely in the dark about it. But I tried to remain supportive, even though I had my reservations and serious doubts. I mean, the childhood me would’ve since my mom was going over the deep end, but the adult me was trying my best to be more understanding.

I decided to have a sit down with my stepmom to better understand the situation. So to begin with, I asked the obvious – why? What made her want to start something like this? Her answer was that she had done a lot of research on virtual sex dolls – and had come up with her own version. She said that she was trying to find a way to escape real life and become someone else – even if it was just a “sexy doll.”

That’s when I realized how brave she was for doing something like this. I know it must’ve been hard for her to take the risk of putting herself out there – and quite frankly, I was proud of her. I mean, I can’t even imagine trying something this crazy. It takes major confidence and establishment to put yourself through an experiment like this.

Plus, the person she was doing this with had an interesting past. I asked her more about them, but all she would say was that it was someone from her past. Unfortunately, I guess she was too scared to tell me anymore. Hopefully I can convince her to open up about it in the near future.

My stepmom also revealed that being the virtual sex doll wasn’t all that bad – surprisingly, she even found it quite fun and therapeutic. She said that while it showed her sides of herself she had never explored before, it was also a good way to practice self-awareness.

I began to understand my stepmom’s intentions a bit better after our discussion – I was finally able to see what she was trying to achieve by doing this experiment. Sure, her methods may have been out of the ordinary, but when I looked at it from her perspective, it seemed to make more sense.


I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that my stepmom was pretending to be her own sex doll – but to my relief, it seemed like a fairly harmless activity. I mean, it’s not like she was taking part in anything that could put her or anyone else in danger. Plus, she seemed to be having a genuinely good time and was quite proud of herself for her new accomplishment.

I asked her how she was able to pull it off and remain believable, to which she replied that it was all due to the virtual sex doll simulator. Apparently the instructions were really easy to follow, and all she had to do was input a few details, and the virtual sex doll would take over.

After some more digging, I learned that the person my stepmom was doing this with had some interesting secrets. She wouldn’t tell me too much, but she did mention that she had had a few interesting encounters with them during their roleplaying sessions. I guess their relationship was a lot more complex than I originally thought.

Eventually I came to terms with the realization that my stepmom was fulfilling her fantasies by becoming her own sex doll. Even though it was out of the ordinary, I couldn’t deny the progress it made in giving her a sense of independence and vibrators freedom.

It surprised me how much she had changed throughout the course of the experiment. She was full of energy and joy when it came to talking about the virtual sex doll, and I could tell she was really proud of herself for taking on such a daring journey. Plus, she had started making plans to do it again!


I knew my stepmom was taking part in a virtual sex doll experiment, but I never expected to feel so inspired by her story. I mean, the fact that she was unafraid to take a risk and explore the unexplored was truly empowering, and it made me view her in an entirely new light.

What’s more, I was impressed by her level of maturity when it came to exploring her fantasies. I mean, I know it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that, and she handled it really well. I guess it’s true what they say – age is just a number.

My stepmom had been quite coy when I asked her about the person she was doing this with – but I guess it wasn’t entirely a mystery to me. While I’m sure their relationship was complex, it certainly seemed to have been beneficial for her in some way or another.

I asked her if she would do it again in the future, and to my surprise, she said yes! She even revealed that she and the other person already have plans in the works for a couple more virtual sex doll escapades. It’s so amazing to see how far she’s come.

Although I was a bit taken aback at first when I learned of my stepmom’s decree, I eventually came to terms with the idea and even gained a newfound admiration her. I mean, sure it was a bit unusual – but she was smart, brave, and determined to make it work. I can’t wait to see what happens next.The best vibrators | Engadget