switching places with sex doll

Experiencing life as a sex doll sounds kind of surreal, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if I’m switching places with one of those creepy last season models that sits in a box, alone and waiting to be touched, until putting them in a box again. What a strange world! I remember stepping into the room, my heart racing with anticipation. For a few moments I made believe I was a porcelain doll, with faux skin as smooth as a ripe peach.

When I uttered the words ”Hey there”, the room went silent. No sound or movement, dildos only a lingering anticipation that I had tapped into something unknown. Was I in a place where sex dolls come to life and Penis Rings explore? My confusion was cut short by a deep voice, which said ”Welcome, I am Kevin.” It was then that I realised I had come to the right place.

Kevin stood before me and motioned me to sit. He proceeded to explain to me the rules and regulations as they pertain to switching places with a sex doll. He informed me that it is completely safe and I will be under his watchful eye at all times. As I sat in silence trying to absorb all this information, I couldn’t help but wonder what I had gotten myself into. How could I experience life as an inanimate object? Will I be able to experience sensations and pleasure? Will I be able to think and move in the exact same way that a sexualised mannequin would?

The questions ran through my mind like an endless loop and my heart was pounding, yet I was excited to explore a new realm. As Kevin continued to explain the process and nuances of being a sex doll, my mind began to wander. I imagined myself as a beautiful porcelain figure, lying lifeless on a bed of satin sheets with my skinny arms and legs stretched across the bed. I imagined the feel of a stranger’s hands exploring the curves of my body and caressing my cold skin with warmth.

This was a side of me that had never experienced before. I felt a spark of pleasure deep inside my core, as if my inner self was eagerly awaiting the chance to experience this new world. But then reality set in and I realised that I was terrified. I had no idea what life as a sex doll was like, and right then and there I thought I had made a mistake.

After a few moments I gathered the courage to move forward. I signed the contract and waited for the magic to begin.