The topic of free male masturbation is a bold one and can be a bit uncomfortable for some, however, no one should be ashamed of exploring forms of self-pleasure.​ It’s a natural human tendency and that’s why I wanted to share a bit of my personal experience with it.​

I was a teenager when I first realized that satisfying myself sexually wasn’t wrong.​ Even though I felt a little embarrassed by it, I couldn’t ignore the amazing sensation it created.​ I tried different techniques, but nothing seemed to work.​ Until one day I stumbled upon a website that taught me everything about free male masturbation.​ I was in awe.​

The website was packed with advice and techniques on how to maximize pleasure from self-pleasure.​ I remember trying out different positions and it felt like a revelation – the different sensations my body got were stimulating in a way I had never felt before.​ One of the best positions I tried was the ‘Dream Pillow’ – this meant lying on your back with your legs bent and slightly raised off the bed.​ It was a totally new experience and one I’d recommend to everyone.​

It wasn’t long before I discovered that the release of endorphins when I masturbated was just as important as the pleasure itself.​ Endorphins are produced as a result of pleasure and help to keep us feeling happy and relaxed.​ And as my endorphins increased, so did my masturbation.​

As I learned more about free male masturbation, I started to focus more on enjoying the sensations.​ As I did, I began to understand why it was something that should be celebrated rather than shied away from.​ Not only did I enjoy the pleasure, but I also felt the increased sense of connection with myself – something I’d never experienced before.​

The best thing about free male masturbation is that it has no limits or boundaries – you can be as creative as you like, try new positions and toys, and stimulate yourself according to your needs.​ Everyone has different needs and desires, so it’s important to by yourself the time and space to explore without judgement.​

With constant practice, I’ve been able to refine my technique and increase my pleasure.​ Generally, I’ll use a lubricant first, create a meditative state, then focus on each area of my body until I’m relaxed and comfortable.​ I used to be intimidated by the thought of stimulating my prostate, but after doing it a few times I found it to be incredibly pleasurable and stimulating.​

I’ve learned how to time my arousal and really sink into the experience.​ The pleasure I get from free male masturbation isn’t just physical – it’s mental and emotional too.​ I’ve learned to use my imagination to conjure up scenarios that excite me, and I’ve even used the power of visual aids to really boost the pleasure.​

I’ve also started to experiment with using sex toys, vibrators, and cock Penis Rings.​ The range of possibilities is really quite incredible.​ I’ve used them all either alone or with my partner and each experience has been unique and mind-blowing.​ I plan to keep exploring with these toys as well as with different masturbation techniques to further enjoy the pleasure of free male masturbation.​

A lot of people still think that masturbation is wrong or something to feel guilty or shameful about, but that’s not the case.​ To me, masturbation is a powerful tool to explore pleasure and self-knowledge.​ It can lead us to discover a deeper understanding of our sexual needs and desires, and that’s why I highly recommend it.​

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience with free male masturbation, it’s essential to openly explore these practices and openly talk about them.​ It’s only then that more people will feel comfortable and safe enough to explore this form of self-love and pleasure for themselves.​

The comfort and safety that comes from talking about and sharing experiences with free male masturbation can be liberating.​ I’d like to encourage others to start their own journey, which is why I’ll always be open and honest about my journey.​ Having a supportive community to engage and discuss in these topics is hugely beneficial.​

There are so many different types of stimulation and ways to explore your pleasure with free male masturbation.​ Using visual aids, sex toys, a lubricant, and different types of positions can each add new layers of pleasure to the experience.​ I’ve experimented with different ways and intensities of stimulation, but the one thing that is consistent for me is the control and intensity that can be gained.​

I’ve also learned about techniques to extend and control my orgasms.​ When I’m in the middle of masturbation, it can be incredibly difficult to stay focused when your body is telling you to just let go.​ This is where having control and knowing how to extend your arousal is so important.​ With practice, I’ve learned to prolong my pleasure and sustain my arousal for longer periods of time.​

Through experimenting with free male masturbation, I’ve also learned that it can be used as a prelude or part of sex with my partner.​ Taking the time to focus on self-pleasure and explore your body solo allows you to create sensations that you can then bring into intercourse.​ When my partner and I do it together, it adds an extra layer of pleasure and connection to the experience.​

Lastly, I’ve learned that exploring different types of stimulation is only possible when you’re comfortable and relaxed.​ Taking the time to tune in to your body and mind and create a meditative space really allows for the exploration of your body and to fully enjoy the pleasure.​ Free male masturbation can be difficult to navigate for some, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.​