wanking with electronic penis pump

Wanking with an electronic penis pump is quite the experience.​ Who’d’ve thought that a tool could make wanking so much more enjoyable? When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try.​ It did not disappoint.​

The first thing that struck me was how powerful and effective the pump was.​ With just a few pumps, I could really feel a difference in my penis size and strength.​ It was amazing how much tighter it felt afterwards.​ The second thing I noticed was the sensation that came along with using the pump.​ It was a combination of pleasure and pressure that was just thrilling.​

It wasn’t long before I established a regular wanking routine with my electronic penis pump.​ Every night I would have my little session, and it became something of a ritual for me.​ I felt my body becoming powerful and I found that I could last longer than before.​

It wasn’t just a physical pleasure that the pump provided.​ I was also in a heightened state of arousal at all times.​ My pulse would quicken and my senses became more finely tuned.​ I felt a strong connection with my body that I never knew was possible.​

The same can be said for climaxing with the pump.​ Every time my session would come to a peak, I was left with an intense and satisfying feeling that was hard to forget.​ It was like a full body orgasm that could only be described as euphoria.​

I was also pleased to find that wanking with my electronic penis pump was fairly discreet.​ I was able to enjoy a private moment without anyone knowing what I was doing.​ As long as you don’t over pump, you can be sure it won’t make too much noise.​

The next step for me was to combine this pleasure with a partner.​ I didn’t want to just keep this experience for myself, so I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to give it a shot.​ She was more then happy to join in the fun, and I was left with one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.​

When we were both doing our own pumping session, the energy in the room was palpable and really turned us both on.​ I could feel her arousal as well as my own.​ I noticed that my arousal was heightened by hers and it really intensified the experience for the both of us.​

The combined sensation of our own pleasure and our partner’s was an invigorating experience.​ As I continued to pump, I overflowed with pleasure, and I could feel my partner doing the same.​ We both reached a level of pleasure that neither of us had achieved before.​

To add to this already amazing experience, we decided to add some accessories to the wanking session.​ We used vibrators, lubes and teasing toys to really boost our pleasure and amplify the sensations.​ This was a great way to add variation to our sessions and explore different forms of pleasure.​

After experiencing these intense sensations together, making love with my partner seemed like a whole new level of pleasure.​ We found that we reached levels of ecstasy we had never felt before, and it was a truly unforgettable experience.​

The combination of wanking with the pump and adding a partner into the mix had totally revolutionized our sex toys life.​ It was astonishing to feel just how powerful our pleasure could be when we allowed ourselves to explore together.​