I love using sex toys, and I always make sure that I’m properly prepared if I’m going to take it up a notch! It can be really exciting to add something new to the bedroom – and it’s also pretty easy to get overwhelmed. To put it simply, I’ve found that what sex looks like with toys really depends on what and how you’re using them – and that can take some experimentation to figure out.

One practical thing to think about is safety. It’s really important to use good quality, toys made from body safe materials. Really, some of the more affordable options can be really great – as long as you pay close attention to the body and product safety ratings, you should be all set. Once that’s out of the way, then you can get down to the fun of it – and that’s part of the really great thing about adding toys in the bedroom!

For example, one of my favorite dildos has a suction cup on the bottom. That means it’s really easy to mount it onto the floor or onto the wall, or even the headboard of my bed – and that makes for really great hands-free options in the bedroom. Not to mention, you can also use it with a harness for pegging (if that is something you’d like to explore). It’s truly amazing how you can add new elements to things you already enjoy!

Then there are vibrators, of course. I’ve got several, all of which have unique levels of intensity and different shapes and sizes. That’s not to forget the different materials they come in. These can bring whole new levels of pleasure to both solo and partnered sex. Connecting with your partner during masturbation is thrilling, and the same goes for when you’re using sex toys with them too.

Another of my favorite toys to incorporate into sex are cock rings, since they can heighten pleasure for both you and your partner. They can add a whole new level of excitement, like making it last longer, or providing clitoral stimulation.It can bring a whole other level of connection with your partner.

Adding bondage the mix is always a fun option too. Rope and spankings both add something to the mix. You can talk about limits and boundaries beforehand, and just play around with it, depending on how you both want to explore.

Finally, you can bring in sex furniture for even more possibilities! Adding pillows and cushions, Liberators, and even sex swings can completely change up the way you interact with each other.

Overall, what sex looks like with toys varies from person to person and from situation to situation. There really isn’t much of a limit, depending on what you and your partner are comfortable with. It’s amazing exploring all the possibilities that come with adding toys in the bedroom!

Strapons and harnesses are also a great option to explore. Imagine, if you’re a female with a lover of the same sex, you can enjoy pleasuring them in the way that all of us enjoy. Pick a great harness and a beautiful dildo and go for it. It can add an entire new level of understanding between the two of you.

Speaking from personal experience, lube is a must. Many people forget it, but lube is an absolute must and it can truly make the experience more pleasurable. It can reduce the pain, as some toys can be pretty intrusive if you’re not used to them. Again, it’s all about comfort here!

Massagers also have their place in the bedroom. My partner loves when I tease and caress him all over his body with a vibrator. The combination of my gentle touch and the sensual vibrations of the toy bring an amazing feeling to the experience.

Sometimes people forget that the toy isn’t the only important thing in the equation. Adding a blindfold or some handcuffs can also add a bit of spice to things, and I find that experimenting with these types of toys visually can be really exciting. Of course, always be sure that you’re both comfortable and your partner is not in any pain.

Finally, don’t be afraid to go slow. Start by talking with your partner and doing some exploration together. Figure out what works for the both of you, and don’t be afraid to explore. Toys are only a tool – it’s really all about the connection between the two of you, so take your time and enjoy it!

When it comes to anal play, there are plenty of options for both sexes. Anal beads are a fun way to find new sensations and explore different levels of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to take it slow and use plenty of lube! And, if you want to get a bit risque, anal probes can help you reach the deepest levels of pleasure.

Collars and whips can also make things really interesting. Again, make sure both of you are comfortable with using them and agree on certain limits and boundaries (like your safe word!). Adding a bit of passion and spice with these toys from a trusted source can transform your sex life.

If you are looking to add a bit of lightness in the bedroom, feathers are an awesome option. Run the feather along your body or your partner’s body and pay close attention to the sensations. A bit of sensuality and a lot of fun can come up with this old-school toy.

Finally, don’t forget about Vibrating panties! If you wanna add that naughty factor to sex, vibrating panties are a great way to tease each other while you’re out and about. Imagine you in the middle of a market trying to contain yourself; it’s a blast!

In the end, the choice lies with the two of you. Only you get to decide what sex looks like with toys. I think it’s essential to experiment, be curious and open to new experiences. You’ll be amazed by what you accomplish in the bedroom!

Using insertables like dildos and vibrators can add an entirely new level of pleasure. There are a million different combinations you can create to enhance the experience. For them to be pleasurable, it’s essential to use lots of lube and take your time. That way, everyone involved gets to enjoy it.

Using a clitoral pump is another way to push your pleasure boundaries. The pump fits around the clitoris and creates a vacuum suction that increases sexual sensitivity, making the entire experience more enjoyable. Using stimulation from a pump feels truly amazing.

Exploring restraints, both physically and emotionally, is something which can take your sexual experience to the next level. Try out those handcuffs, ropes and ties and feel the power contained within you. Let your partner find your sensitive spots and enjoy total surrender.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the power of letting go. Massage oils, erotica, music and body painting can transport you to a safe, sexy place. Losing yourself to the moment by indulging all five senses is incredibly freeing and liberating.

When it comes to adding in toys, there’s an array of other options out there. Eggs, or sometimes referred to as love balls, are a great first toy for newcomers, and can be used by either gender. Some are externally used to stimulate the sensitive areas, while others are inserted internally to improve kegels.

If you want to add a third person to the bedroom, or simply add a sense of intimacy by taking away the ability for physical contact, there are plenty of sex tech toys. Sex robots and teledildonic toys allow you to use those bits of tech to your advantage and add a truly unique experience to your sex life.

Finally, an often overlooked toy option are inflatables. Inflatables such as pillows, doughnuts and couches have a way of expanding the visual experience and taking away inhibitions. Whether it’s for pleasure or just a creative outlet, you’ll be sure to get a bit of fun out of it.

There really is no limit to what sex looks like with toys. Whether you want to push your boundaries or keep things tame, whether you prefer something tactile or techy, sex toys can revolutionize the way you think about sex. It’s all about understanding your own and your partner’s pleasure zones and using whatever it takes to hit those sweet spots.