what to.wash silicone sex toys with

Making sure to keep your silicone sex toys clean is a must. That means knowing what to wash them with so that they stay in top-notch condition. Today I’m gonna tell you all you need to know about washing your silicone sex toys and vibrators how to do it properly.

Online Sex Toy Store In Nakhon Sawan | +66 971358956First-off, never use anything abrasive to clean your toys. That includes things like scrubbing pads and harsh soaps, which can damage the silicone and ultimately ruin your toy. Instead, use either a mild, unscented soap or a specialized toy cleaner. For the best cleaning regimen, I recommend using a combination of the two.

When it comes to lathering up, there’s no need to go crazy – just use a bit of soapy water on a lint-free towel or washcloth. Make sure to cover all the nooks and crannies, paying close attention to the area where the base and the main body meet. Then give the toy a good rinse, again using your towel or washcloth.

When it comes to drying, make sure to be thorough. As tempting as it might be to leave it out for a quicker job, opting for air-drying is a bad idea. That’s because air-drying leaves moisture in the toy, where it can eventually collect bacteria. Instead, use a lint-free towel to get every last droplet of water.

Once the toy is dry, it’s time to store it. Never put your toys in anything that has fabric softener or bleach in it, as they can corrode the silicone. Instead, opt for a cool, dry place, like your closet. Make sure to take special care with more delicate toys, as they can be easily damaged if they’re stepped on or sat on.

When in doubt, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer to find out what they recommend. That way, you can make sure your toys are properly cared for and that they’ll last a long time.

Another key element of washing your silicone sex toys is cleaning them in between uses. While you may have heard of boiling toys as a way to sterilize them, this is likely excessive and not something most people need to do. Instead, a good wipe-down with either a mild, unscented soap or a specialized toy cleaner should be sufficient to get any germs away.

When it comes to disinfecting, there are a few options to consider. One of the oldest tricks in the book is using a 10% bleach solution – simply mix a bit of bleach with some water in a shallow container and let your toys soak for a few minutes. While this may seem intimidating, don’t worry – as long as you rinse the toys incredibly well, it’s perfectly safe to use for your cleaning routine.

You can also opt for specialized sprays made specifically for cleanings sex toys. These are designed to be gentle on the toy while still providing a powerful cleaning action. The best part? These sprays often come with a pleasant scent, which can help give some added peace of mind.

One thing to note is that if you’ve recently used your toys with a partner, silicone sex toys are arguably more difficult to share than alternatives like glass or steel. That’s because silicone is more porous and thus is more prone to harboring bacteria. To ensure safe and hygienic sharing, consider using a condom with your toy.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to keep safety and convenience top of mind. Make sure to store your sex toys somewhere you won’t forget them and that’s far away from children or pets, and never use furniture polish or any harsh cleaners on them.

No matter what your relationship status, it’s always an excellent idea to get yourself some silicone sex toys. Not only will they provide an amazing sensation – with a little bit of tender loving care, they can last you years and years, becoming a cherished part of your pleasure routine. So use the tips I shared today and your toys will stay in top condition, even with passionate use!