When it comes to male masturbation aids, there’s no denying that there’s a plethora of options to choose from.​ From artificial vaginas and Fleshlights to Tenga eggs and realistic vibrators, the range of options available is truly mind-boggling.​ But if you really want to feel like you’re in the moment, the bag has to go to the most realistic male masturbation aid out there – a silicone ass!

All jokes aside, this little marvel is as close as you can get to simulating the real thing.​ It’s made from silicone and feels like you’re really banging a person instead of a toy.​ Whether you prefer a tight snug fit or a loose one, you can’t go wrong with a silicone ass.​ Plus, they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, so you can customize it the way you want.​

But what sets these male masturbation aids apart from the others is that they just look realistic.​ The detailing is incredibly accurate and even the most aware onlooker could be fooled into thinking that it’s the real deal.​ You can also control the tightness and intensity you need so you can really get it just right.​

Another great thing about a silicone ass is its ease of use.​ As soon as you unpack it, you can get started.​ Introduce some lube if you must, and you’ll be ready to go.​ With most of the other male masturbation aids out there, you need to prepare them in various ways before you can even begin, so this is a big plus.​

You can also customize them however you want.​ From different textures and sizes to the color, you can make them amazingly personal.​ Plus, you can use whatever kind of lube you want without the typical mess that certain lubes may create.​ This is particularly useful if you plan on changing lubes during your experience.​

The most impressive feature of a silicone ass is its durability.​ Where other male masturbation aids might tear and break over time, silicone asses can take a lot of abuse and still retain its shape and original texture.​ This makes it really easy to keep and store away for later use.​

Experience-wise, a silicone ass leaves you nothing to complain about.​ Not only are the sensations like real sex toys, you can also feel different perineum movements depending on how you move with it.​ It’ll also help you build up your endurance, dildos as you can set the suction levels to get the workout you need.​

Overall, I can honestly say that a silicone ass is the most realistic male masturbation aid out there.​ It is incredibly realistic in its design, is extremely functional, and provides the sensation like no other.​ If you’re looking for the most immersive male masturbation experience, then I highly recommend that you give one a go.​