who invented the sex toy

Well, this is a topic I’m not sure I should bring up, but here we go. Who invented the sex toy, you ask? Well, it’s an interesting story – one that begins hundreds of years ago.

The first sex toys were used in ancient civilizations as far back as 23,000 B.C., when dildos made of stone, tar, and other materials started popping up in archaeological sites. In China, by the 16th century, people were using them for medicinal purposes, claiming they could heal infertility or help women better access pleasure. In the Victorian Era, doctors prescribed them as a cure for women’s “hysteria” (which isn’t a real diagnosis anymore) and this was done all the way up until the mid-twentieth century.

Interestingly, our modern day conception of sex toys really began in the 1970s. That’s when the masturbation sleeve and the Rabbit vibrator (made popular by Sex and the City) came along. In the 1980s, the development of pegging kits and dildos shaped like male genitals started becoming more common. But it was the 1990s that really helped powered the sex toy industry as it is today.

In the mid-90s, the internet started to really take off. It provided a safe, anonymous platform for people to explore their sexuality, and the sex toy industry began booming. People had more accessibility to them than ever before. Online vendors started popping up and it became easier for people to purchase them with more discretion.

The traditional sex toy shops with their “adults only” signs were no longer the only way to get access to these products. Millions of people all over the world are now able to buy and use sex toys with the privacy and convenience of online shopping.

Today, sex toys have become mainstream and come in an ever evolving array of shapes, sizes, styles, and features. They come in a variety of different materials – from raw silicone and silky smooth metal to plush and lifelike. They can offer everything from internal stimulation to your most intimate fantasies. There’s something for everyone!

The modern day sex toy industry offers a variety of options for people to explore their sexuality. From reversible, multi-functional “Teledildonics” that can be connected to technology and remote partners, to erotic novellas and videos about healthy sensuality.

But while we may know the modern day sex toy industry better than any other, it’s important to recognize the long history of sex toys and their use across cultures and throughout time. After all, while the present-day industry has certainly evolved, the basic concept of the sex toy itself hasn’t changed too much. They were once used as substitutes for real-life sex and now they’re used as supplements.

It makes sense that sex toys are In demand and have become so widely accepted. After all, pleasure shouldn’t be reserved just for a few – it should be shared among all of us. So why not make it as widely accessible and enjoyable as possible?