why dose my gf have sex toys

My gf recently got a sex toy and I was a bit surprised since she has never owned one before. She’s a regular, down-to-earth girl, and the thought of her having a sex toy was a bit out of the ordinary. I asked her why she bought it and her answer was quite simple. She said it was something new to try and that it gave her more pleasure than other methods.

My initial thought was that, if she had a sex toy, Penis Rings she wouldn’t need me in that regard anymore. But that really wasn’t the case. She said that she was using it to explore different areas of pleasure that traditional sex doesn’t always provide. It was then that I found out how versatile sex toys can be.

The sex toy, a vibrator, was basically an additional mechanism to make the experience even better. It wasn’t meant to replace me in any way, but instead add something new to the equation. She also said that it could help us get through moments when we weren’t feeling particularly passionate or when we wanted to test out different sensations.

I felt relieved by that explanation because I had a better understanding of why she bought it. We still enjoyed regular sex, but the sex toy was there to add something extra to the equation. We even used it in combination with our regular activities, which, honestly teased out different areas of pleasure that we hadn’t explored before.

Furthermore, the sex toy wasn’t a replacement, dildos but instead a fantastic addition to our shared intimacy. At the same time, it was something we both could enjoy using, making our times together even more pleasurable. We often switched up who was using the sex toy and who wasn’t.

Playing around with the sex toy made our shared experiences even more rewarding. Whether I was using the toy on my gf or she was using it on me, it was always stimulating and creative, giving us something extra to look forward to. Something totally unexpected that allowed us to explore new heights of pleasure.

Since adding the sex toy, our times together have been even more wonderful, taking us to places we never imagined. It has allowed us to be more creative in the bedroom and explore areas of pleasure that we could have never explored using only traditional forms of intimacy.

We even tried out mixing the sex toy with new positions and activities. This has created a truly unique experience, often leaving us in a state of sheer bliss. Of course, she has also taken it with her when we’re away, allowing us to explore different places and angles of pleasure.

The amazing thing about the sex toy is that it has given my gf even more confidence. It’s provided her with a stunning addition to our regular love-making. It has also softened up the experience even more, allowing us to glide through moments of pleasure with much more ease.

We’ve also used the toy for clitoral stimulation which has been absolutely divine. It gives her a feeling that I, as her partner, just can’t provide; an intensity of pleasure that takes her to the brink of an orgasmic explosion.

The sex toy has offered us so many benefits that I hadn’t thought about before. It’s increased pleasure and added a new layer of experimentation. We’ve been able to add some extra fun to our bedroom activity and explore different combinations for enhanced pleasure.

And, last but not least, it has given my gf increased pleasure and confidence. That, as I’m sure you can imagine, is absolutely priceless. Who wouldn’t want that for their partner? I definitely wouldn’t.

Since adding the sex toy to our shared experiences, we’ve been able to explore all kinds of new pathways of joy. We’ve been able to add new positions, explore new sensations and experiment with different combinations of pleasure. This never would have been possible without it.

We’ve also been able to get a greater sense of each other’s pleasure zones. Knowing where our significant other likes to be touched can be an invaluable experience. The sex toy has shown us new areas of pleasure that we weren’t aware of before.

The same goes for my gf. The sex toy has given her a whole new level of confidence. She now knows where all her pleasure points are and knows exactly how to get the most out of them. Knowing where and how to get the most pleasure takes the experience to a whole new level.

We’ve also used the sex toy for masturbation, which has been incredibly liberating for both of us. It’s been a great way to explore what really turns us on and the levels of pleasure that can be achieved with the help of a stimulating toy.

Overall, the sex toy has been a great addition to our bedroom activities and to our relationship. It has given us an entirely new perspective of pleasure and enabled us to explore it in all new and exciting ways. I’m glad that we took the plunge and bought it. Long story short, it’s been a great decision!