woamn showing male how to masturbate right

It was really bizarre when I saw a woman showing a man how to masturbate right.​ I mean, I was not expecting to see something like this in real life — it was like a strange culture shock!

Anyways, the woman was really confident and was giving the man the whole run down of it all.​ She was being really patient with him and giving him advice like, “Okay now, keep your breathing at a steady pace and focus on what feels good for you.​”

She even was shouting advice like, “Change your grips!”, “Move your hips!” and “Don’t forget to be vocal — moan if it feels good!” It was actually hilarious to watch.​

That woman was a real gem for taking the time to teach a man something he probably had never gotten a chance to learn.​ She knew exactly what to say and do to make sure the man felt comfortable, and he seemed like he was really getting into it.​

I remember the woman’s voice was so calming and reassuring — it was like she was speaking to him as if he was experiencing something peaceful and relaxing.​ After she saw him get to the finish line, she celebrated with him and both of them were laughing and blushing.​

It was almost like they had created something together — the two of them created an understanding of something intimate and personal.​ It was almost like they knew each other in a whole new way.​

Even when the event was over, the man was still thanking the woman for teaching him something new.​ She smiled and said, “Anytime.​” It was an oddly sweet moment.​

It really made me think — I know nobody ever really talks about these sorts of conversations because they are usually awkward and uncomfortable.​ But the garment that this woman had done was really emotional and empowering.​

I wouldn’t be surprised if for the rest of the man’s life, sex toys he will remember the woman that showed him how to masturbate with confidence and dignity.​ She made a real difference in his life, and I applaud her for doing that.​

I now think that if men were more comfortable talking about these things with women, it would open a lot of doors of understanding and communication between genders.​ It really made me think about how it’s important to be open-minded about different conversations and topics.​

Thinking about it more makes me wonder why we never have these conversations outside our own gender– it would be really great to have someone from either side to share experiences with and complicate them.​ It’s almost as if we are scared to open up and be vulnerable with each other.​

So maybe, if we all took a step back and started to be more understanding, we might be able to move forward with better conversations.​ It’s almost like we need to be more daring and adventurous with our conversations– be willing to talk about anything and accept anyone who might open something new inside of us.​

I know that if we were all more willing to try out new discussions, vibrators it could change a lot.​ It could change the way we think about things, it could open new interesting doorways and bridge the gap between genders.​ We might be able to gain a better understanding as a humanity.​

Considering this, it is also really weird how we often look for something different, yet we take comfort in traditional relationship expectations.​ It’s almost like societal norms have hardwired us to think that having an opposite gender conversation is ‘inappropriate’ or ‘daring’.​

Living in this fast-paced modern world would be so much simpler if we stopped to understand that different conversations between genders could benefit us in a lot of different ways.​ We could learn a lot from each other if only we had the courage to listen to each other.​

It really makes me wish that I lived in a world where it’s accepted to have conversations with the opposite gender even if they are a little complicated.​ Just like the woman who showed the man how to masturbate with gentleness and compassionate, everyone could have longer conversations about things.​

It almost makes me wonder why we are scared to come out of our comfort zones and talk about topics which make us feel uncomfortable.​ We should be able to talk openly about our experiences without being judged.​

It also made me ponder on the importance of a woman teaching a man how to masturbate in an open, understanding way.​ It’s almost like it’s the woman’s job to teach the man to have self-love and look out for his own needs.​ It’s almost like a lesson for him to feel respected and understood.​

And I can confidently say that after that event, the man in question was sure to have a lot of respect for that woman and the manner in which she handled the conversation.​ Because not many women out there have the courage and confidence to teach a man such an intimate subject.​

I think if more us embraced this sense of understanding and support, we could be more successful in understanding each other.​ We might stop expecting the opposite gender to be what we want them to be simply because that’s how we think it should be.​

We may finally become more understanding and perhaps appreciate each other in a way that doesn’t involve putting on a mask and living in an unsustainable fantasy.​ We just might be able to connect and share stories on a much deeper level.​

I hope that one day, men and women alike will be able to have these conversations without being embarrassed or intimidated.​ I think that ladies teaching men how to masturbate rightly is a great step in the right direction!