Yesterday, I was on the searching for a male masturbator and finally I stumbled across this one that caught my interest.​ It was a long sleeve masturbator, I was kind of intrigued and thought to myself “this looks like a pretty cool device”.​ I had never seen or tried such a thing before so I figured what the heck, why not give it a shot.​

So I decided to go ahead and buy it, and try it out.​ When I got it home it was nicely packaged and very discreet.​ I got the feeling they wanted you to keep it a secret as much as possible.​ I had to actually tear off the wrapping that was so tightly placed around it to even find the sleeve.​ And boy, was it long, Penis Rings and lifelike.​

I was so excited to give it a go that I didn’t even bother reading the instructions.​ I just wanted to see if it could make the experience better than what I had already been used to or not.​ The first thing that I noticed was that it didn’t feel any different than just my hand.​ I thought maybe the extra length would make it feel different, but it didn’t or at least I couldn’t perceive that.​

The sleeves range in texture and thickness from smooth and velvety to nubby and firm.​ I was a bit disappointed, and for a second I thought it wasn’t worth the expense.​ However, once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed it.​ Instead of just jerking off like I normally would, I was able to massage my penis in a smooth motion, back and forth.​ And boy did it feel amazing!

My first stimulation with this long male masturbator sleeve was better than I expected.​ The texture, the size and that producing kind of vacuum was a real pleasure.​ The sensation was quite different thananything I had previously experienced.​ I felt like I was with a real woman.​ I was able to drive the sensation up to the point of climax much quicker and I also felt an intense satisfaction afterwards.​

The long sleeve really allowed me to explore different areas of my penis in a way that I never could using just my hands.​ The extra length also provided access to areas that I wasn’t able to experience before.​ I was able to find tight spots I that could barely reach before and also areas that were normally hard to tease.​

It has quickly become one of my favorite sex toys, and I could not imagine life without it now.​ The finishing touch to the intense sensation I get from using it, is that I’m also usually better able to go for longer periods of time and can usually control my orgasm much better.​

I really like the idea that I can experiment with different sensations while being able to feel the most realistic experience.​ That means I’m able to explore every detail of my penis and find new pleasure.​ I must say that using this long mastubator sleeve gave me a whole new level of penetration power and the satisfaction afterward is simply matchless.​

Not only that, but it helps build up control and endurance to help improve the actual experience with a real partner afterwards.​ So I take every opportunity I have to enjoy this device and it has truly become a part of my regular self-care routine.​ Endless possibilities are waiting for me and I’m always ready to explore them!